Saturday, August 26, 2000

In Alexandria, Arafat, Mubarak discuss the Jerusalem issue, Arafat's planned mtg. with Pres. Clinton on the sidelines of the UN millennium summit in New York on 9/6. (MENA 8/26 in WNC 8/28)

In area B outside Jerusalem, 3 IDF soldiers are killed, 1 is wounded by friendly fire in a botched raid on the hideout of Palestinian Mahmud Abu Hanud, wanted for allegedly staging a 1997 Hamas bombing in Jerusalem that killed 21 Israelis. Abu Hanud is wounded but escapes to Nablus, where he is arrested by the PSF. The PA, angry that Israel did not give it advance notice of the raid, says it will try Abu Hanud in a PA court, not extradite him to Israel. (NYT 8/27; CSM, LAW, NYT, WP, WT 8/28; MM, NYT 8/29; MM, Palestine Report [Internet] 8/30; JP [Internet], MM, WJW 8/31; JP, MEI, NYT, WP 9/1; WJW 9/7; JP, MM, NYT, WP 9/8; JP 9/15)