Saturday, February 19, 2000

PA head Arafat calls for resumption of negotiations with Israel, on hold since 2/6; says teams should forgo a framework agmt. on permanent status (FAPS) and focus on completing the final status agmt. by the 9/13 target date. Israeli chief negotiator Oded Eran says a FAPS is important, can be reached by end of 3/00. (WP, WT 2/21)

Pres. Mubarak makes the 1st trip to Beirut by an Egyptian leader since 1952 to meet with Lebanese pres. Emile Lahoud to show solidarity with Lebanon in the wake of Israeli attacks. Both presidents reiterate Hizballah's right to resist Israel's occupation. (MENA, RL 2/19 in WNC 2/22; NYT, WP, WT 2/20; AFP, MENA 2/20 in WNC 2/23; MM, WT 2/21; MM 2/22; GIU 2/23; AYM 2/24, MENA 2/26, Der Spiegel 2/28 in WNC 2/29; JP, MEI 2/25)

The PA shuts down Nawras TV in Hebron for 1 wk. on charges of incitement for covering the ongoing teachers strike (see 2/17). (MENL 2/20) (see 2/16)

In s. Lebanon, 1 civilian is injured by IDF shelling. (RL 2/19 in WNC 2/22)