Sunday, June 4, 2000

Israeli, PA teams, led by Internal Security M Shlomo Ben-Ani and Palestinian Council (PC) Speaker Ahmad Qurai', respectively, end their 3d round of final status talks. No details are released, but gaps are reportedly still wide on major issues. Israel reportedly refuses to discuss Jerusalem. (Reuters [Internet] 6/4; JP [Internet] 6/7)

Israeli, PA teams led by Israel's Eran, PA's Erakat hold talks on outstanding interim issues. Eran says Israel still intends to carry out its 3d FRD fr. the West Bank by 6/23, as stipulated by the Wye II agmt. (Reuters [Internet] 6/4)

Reacting to rumors that Israel has made major concessions to the PA in secret fmal status talks, Barak says that his negotiators have been under strict orders not to discuss Jerusalem in talks with the PA. (CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/5; MA 6/5 in WNC 6/6; MM 6/6; PR 6/7; see also MM 5/30, al-Quds 5/30 in WNC 6/1)

In Cairo, FMs of the Damascus Declaration states (the 6 Gulf Cooperation Council states, plus Egypt and Syria) meet to coordinate their positions on the peace process. (MENA 6/4 in WNC 6/5, 6/6; MM 6/7, 6/16)