Monday, May 1, 2000

In Beirut, UN special envoy Larsen meets with Lebanese pres. Lahoud, PM Huss to discuss a new mandate for UNIFIL following an Israeli withdrawal fr. s. Lebanon. (Le Monde 5/6 in WNC 5/10)

In Shiraz, numerous foreign diplomats, observers fr. international human rights groups attend the opening of the trial of 13 Iranian Jews accused of spying for Israel. (8 Muslims were also arrested on the same charges but will be tried separately.) 1 defendant confesses to the court and on national television, but human rights groups are skeptical of the validity of his statement. (CSM 5/1; IRNA 5/1 in WNC 5/2; CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 5/2; WP, WT 5/3; NYT, WJW, WP, WT 5/4; JP 5/5; WP, WT 5/9; NYT, WJW, WT 5/11; IRNA 5/15 in WNC 5/16) (see 3/17)

Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails begin a hunger strike to protest their conditions. (WT 5/3)

For the 2d day, IDF troops forcibly remove settlers fr. a makeshift encampment in the Palestinian section of Hebron. (NYT 5/2)