Friday, October 27, 2000

Israel restricts Palestinians' access to Jerusalem for the 3d Friday in a row. Israeli-Palestinian clashes intensify again, leaving 4 Palestinians dead, 250 injured. Main flash points are Bayt Jala, Bethlehem, Hebron, Jinin, Qalqilya, Qarni checkpoint, Ramallah, Tulkarm. IDF troops outside Ramallah open fire on an ambulance, severely injuring the driver. In Gaza, the IDF bulldozes another 3 dunams of Palestinian land nr. Kefar Darom settlement. At least 3 roadside bombs explode nr. Bethlehem, injuring 1 Israeli border policeman. A synagog in Efrat is vandalized, presumably by Palestinians, though how they entered the Jewish settlement is unclear. (ADM, LAW, MM, PCHR 10/27; IDF Radio [Internet], Guardian [Internet], NYT, WT 10/28; AYM 10/31 in WNC 11/1)

Palestinian refugees in `Ayn al-Hilwa camp in Lebanon demonstrate against the weak Arab League statement issued on 10/22. In Nairobi, 1,000s of Kenyans march in solidarity with the Palestinians. In the U.S., similar rallies are held outside the New York Times offices in New York, as well as in Hartford, Sacramento. (Panafrican News Agency [Internet] 10/27; al-Safir 10/28 in WNC 10/31)