Wednesday, September 13, 2000

PA negotiators Erakat, Dahlan leave for New York for 2-days of consultations with the U.S. peace team and Israeli negotiators Ben-Ami, Sher. (AYM 9/14 in WNC 9/18)

In Washington, Ben-Ami briefs U.S. National Security Adviser (NSA) Sandy Berger, the Senate minority and majority leaders, the House International Relations Comm. on the latest developments in the PA-Israeli peace process; calls for upgrading U.S.-Israeli strategic ties, which he stresses should not be conditional on progress on talks with the PA. (MM, WT 9/13; AYM 9/13, Globes 9/14 in WNC 9/18; MM, WP 9/14; MM 9/15, 9/25)

In Gaza, a dispute btwn. rival Fatah factions erupts into a demonstrations, stone-throwing. (NYT 9/14; SA 9/14 in WNC 9/18; SA 9/17 in WNC 9/26)

Nr. Netzarim settlement in Gaza, IDF soldiers, PA police disperse Palestinians throwing stones at passing settler vehicles. No one is injured; 1 car is damaged. (VOI 9/13 in WNC 9/18)