Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Barak cancels a scheduled mtg. btwn the PA and Israeli peace teams, calls for a "time-out" in peace talks, saying the PA is inflexible and is increasing its demands. Arafat phones Clinton, Albright, Ross, and the leaders of Egypt, France, Jordan, Morocco to complain. By the end of the day, Barak agrees to resume mtgs. on 9/20. (MM 9/19; HA [Internet], JP [Internet], MM, NYT, WT 9/20; al-Quds 9/20, MENA, al-Quds 9/21 in WNC 9/26; MM, WJW 9/21)

In Washington, Pres. Clinton meets with the U.S. peace team to discuss how to proceed. (MM 9/19; HA [Internet] 9/21; SA 9/19, AYM, RMC 9/20, al-Quds 9/21 in WNC 9/26; HJ, SA 9/21 in WNC 9/27; WP 9/22)

In Paris, Israel's Ben-Ami briefs Pres. Chirac on the latest developments on final status talks. The 2 men meet in private with no aides; no details are released. (YA 9/19; AFP 9/19 in WNC 9/26; MM 9/20; HA [Internet] 9/21)