Saturday, July 28, 2001

In retaliation for 3 mortars fired at a Jewish settlement in Gaza overnight that caused no damage, IDF helicopters shell a Palestinian building nr. Khan Yunis allegedly used as a mortar factory. The IDF also shuts a main Nablus-Jordan Valley road; sends tanks into PA-controlled Hebron to fire on a PSF outpost, critically wounding 1 PSF officer. The Popular Army Front-Return Battalions (a new group that has carried out at least 2 incidents on 3/28, 4/22) publishes a list of 33 Jewish settler leaders it warns could be targeted for assassination. 1,000s of Hamas supporters attend a rally in memory of Salah al-Din Darwaza, assassinated on 7/25. (WT 7/29; LAW 8/6)