Friday, June 29, 2001

Palestinians fire up to 6 mortars, several grenades at an IDF post in Gaza, causing no damage. The IDF fires a shell at a Palestinian vehicle in Khan Yunis, injuring 5 Palestinians. Around 1,000 Palestinian demonstrators clash with IDF soldiers at a checkpoint outside al-Bireh. Another serious clash is reported in Tulkarm. The IDF also directs heavy machine gun fire at residential areas of Bayt Sahur, Silat al-Dahir; bulldozes Palestinian land nr. Salfit; places a closure on Bayt Furik; tightens the closure on Dayr Istya, Qalqilya; sets up new blockades, checkpoints around Azun, Nablus, Qalqilya. Jewish settlers raise 10s of trees in Dayr Balut, cut of running water to 6 Palestinian villages nr. Nablus. (AFP [Internet], HP 6/29; HP, NYT, WP 6/30)

Around 100 Israeli, international peace activists attempt to reach the Palestinian village of al-Khadir, nr. Bethlehem, where they have planned to set up a "peace camp" with local Palestinians to protest ongoing Israeli violence. The activists are halted outside the village by the IDF, which says the area is a closed military zone, although settlers passes unimpeded. When the activists set up a nonviolent roadblock to settler vehicles, Israeli police arrest the organizers, forces the others onto their busses and back to Tel Aviv. Inside al-Khadir, 150 Palestinian participants also demonstrate, but the IDF disperses them with gunfire, wounding 4, and imposes a curfew. (Gush Shalom press release 6/29)

On the sidelines of a conference in Lisbon, Arafat, Peres hold talks on maintaining the cease-fire. (RTP Internacional TV [Lisbon] 6/30 in WNC 7/2; AFP [Internet], NYT, WT 7/1; MM 7/2, 7/5)

Hizballah fires rockets at an IDF post in Shaba` Farms, injuring 2 soldiers. Israel sends warplanes into Lebanese air space 5-6 times. (Daily Star [Internet] 6/30; al-Safir 6/30 in WNC 7/2; WT 7/1: MM, WP, WT 7/2; al-Safir 7/4, SA 7/5 in WNC 7/7; MEI 7/13)