Wednesday, November 7, 2001

The IDF withdraws to the outskirts of Ramallah. Nr. Hebron, 1 Palestinian is shot dead, 2 are wounded allegedly by Israeli undercover units. The dead man, Issa Dababsa, reportedly had run-ins with local settlers over land he owns adjacent to their settlement. A 2d Palestinian is killed by heavy IDF gunfire in Khan Yunis. A 3d Palestinian dies of kidney failure at an IDF roadblock nr. Jinin after being denied passage to a hospital for dialysis. The IDF also fires on a PSF post outside Khan Yunis, injuring 1 officer; confiscates a Palestinian home in Tulkarm; reinforces troops outside Nablus. (AFP, HP, NYT, WP, WT 11/7; HP, PCHR 11/8)

The PA High Court orders the immediate release of 2 PFLP mbrs. arrested in connection with the 10/17 Ze'evi assassination, saying the PA had violated its own legal procedures in making the arrests, there is not enough evidence to hold the pair. The PSF does not release them. (al-Ahram 11/15; AFP 11/18; MEI 11/23)

The Israeli Interior Min. demolishes bedouin homes in the Negev that housed 60 individuals. (HA 11/8)