Friday, August 2, 2002

In retaliation for the 7/31 bombing, the IDF stages a predawn raid into Nablus, which Israel says is the "possible source" of the bomb, sending in more than 150 bulldozers, tanks, APCs; conducting house-to-house searches in the old city, moving fr. building to building by breaking through walls; ordering all men ages 15-50 to surrender for questioning; arresting 10s of Palestinians; demolishing 2 apartment buildings allegedly housing bomb-making labs; meeting light resistance, leaving at least 2 Palestinians dead, 5 wounded. The IDF also detains, questions, handcuffs, then fatally shoots Hamas mbr. Amjad Jabour outside his home Salim, nr. Nablus; shells residential areas of Dayr al-Balah, killing an 85-yr.-old Palestinian woman in her home; clashes with Palestinian gunmen in Rafah, fatally shooting 1 Palestinian; demolishes 6 Palestinian homes (1 Hebron, 3 Rafah, 1 Tulkarm, 1 elsewhere in the West Bank) belonging to the relatives of Palestinian militants; prepares to expel 2 brothers of 2 assailants to Gaza. (AP, MM, NYT, UPMRC, WP, WT 8/2; al-Haq, NYT, WP, WT 8/3; LAW, PCHR 8/7; WJW 8/8)