Monday, December 30, 2002

The IDF fatally shoots a Palestinian involved in a traffic altercation with an IDF jeep nr. Jenin; occupies 2 medical clinics in Nablus, firing fr. the facilities on stone-throwing Palestinians, killing 1 Palestinian; fires on 3 Palestinians allegedly attempting to infiltrate the Israeli border fence in the Negev, killing 1 Palestinian (2 others escape); fatally beats a 17-yr.-old Palestinian for violating the curfew in Hebron; demolishes 1 Palestinian home in Dura; denies an ailing Palestinian woman passage through a checkpoint to a clinic, allowing her to die; conducts arrest raids nr. Tulkarm. Israeli courts sentence an Israeli Arab taxi driver to 15 yrs. for driving 2 suicide bombers to Tel Aviv, an East Jerusalem Palestinian to 6 yrs. for providing Palestinian militants with information used to carry out attacks on Israelis. (HA, JTA 12/30; NYT, WP, WT 12/31; LAW, PCHR, WP 1/1; NYT 1/2; PRCS press release 1/5)

The Israeli Central Elections Comm. decides to follow Atty. Gen. Rubinstein’s 2/19 advice to disqualify Israeli Arab MK Ahmad Tibi (Ta’al) fr. running in 1/03 elections on the grounds that he does not support the Jewish character of the State of Israel, supports armed attacks against it (a charge he denies); turns down a similar request to bar MK `Abd al-Malik Dahamshe and his United Arab List; rules that Herut mbr. Baruch Marzel, the fmr. head of the outlawed Kach movement who placed 2d on Herut’s slate of MK candidates, can participate in the 1/28 elections. The Knesset bans mbrs. of Kach, which advocates the deportation of Arabs fr. Israel and the occupied territories, from holding parliamentary office. (HA 12/30, 12/31; ADL, HA, MM 1/2; DUS 1/2 in WNC 1/3; MA 1/3 in WNC 1/6; WT 1/8; JPI, NYT 1/10)