Wednesday, January 9, 2002

In the first deadly Palestinian attack since 12/25, 2 armed Palestinians cross the border into s. Israel, attack an IDF outpost using guns and grenades, killing 4 IDF soldiers, wounding 2 before being shot dead. The IDF claims the assailants were mbrs. of the PA naval police, but Hamas claims responsibility, saying it staged the attack to punish Israel for capturing the Karine A. The PA condemns the attack. The Israeli inner cabinet meets to discuss how to respond. Afterward, the IDF takes over 2 PSF post in Rafah, nr. where the Hamas mbrs. infiltrated Israel; raids the PA naval police offices in al-Mawasi, confiscates weapons. An ailing Palestinians dies at Rafah border en route to a Egyptian hospital when the IDF delays his ambulance at the crossing for several hrs. (AFP, AP, JP [Internet], LAW, MM, PCHR 1/9; AP, HA, MM, NYT, WP 1/10; SA 1/11 in WNC 1/14; al-Quds 1/14 in WNC 1/15; MEI 1/25)

In Washington, Israeli intelligence, military officials brief U.S. officials on their Karine A evidence. The U.S. says evidence indicates the PA, Fatah were involved but does not implicate Arafat directly. (AFP, MM, NYT 1/9; NYT, WP, WT 1/10; MM 1/11; JT 1/11 in WNC 1/14)