Tuesday, January 15, 2002

AMB gunmen ambush, abduct, fatally shoot a Jewish settler nr. Bayt Sahur. Unidentified Palestinian gunmen fatally shoot a 2d Jewish settler, wound a 3d nr. Givat Ze'ev. Both settlers killed are U.S. passport holders. The IDF tightens blockades around Bethlehem, Ramallah; conducts arrest raids in Qalqilya. Jewish settlers uproot an olive grove nr. Keddumim. The PSF arrests PFLP head Ahmad Saadat in Ramallah after luring him to a mtg. with PA West Bank intelligence chief Tawfiq Tirawi; the Israel claims the arrest was only meant to impress a visiting U.S. congressional delegation. In Bethlehem, Gaza City, and Ramallah, 100s of Palestinians gather to protest Saadat's arrest. Demonstrators outside Arafat's office in Ramallah denounce Tirawi as a collaborator. The PSF also shuts the Gaza City office of al-Risala, the NISP's newspaper. (AFP, BBC 1/15; AFP, JP, LAW, MM, NYT, PCHR, WP, WT 1/16; HA, MM, NYT, WP 1/17; al-Quds 1/17 in WNC 1/18; al-Safir 1/18; al-Nahar 1/19 in WNC 1/22; MEI 1/25)

In light of increasing violence, the U.S. places Zinni's 3d trip to the region, set to begin on 1/18, on hold. (WT 1/16; MM 1/21)