Wednesday, June 19, 2002

The IDF reoccupies Qalqilya, imposes a curfew; Palestinians clash with troops, leaving 2 IDF soldiers, a local PA intelligence chief dead. The IDF continues operations in Jenin r.c. and town, fortifying a temporary IDF base outside the r.c. with 7 trailers, fuel and water trucks to create a barracks; conducting house-to-house searches, ordering all men ages 15-50 to surrender, using 3 doctors fr. a nearby hospital as human shields; firing a tank shell at al-Razi hospital. The IDF also reinforces tanks around Nablus; conducts arrest raids in Dura, Hebron, Umm Salamona; bulldozes 57 dunams of Palestinian agricultural land nr. Aley Sinai; imposes curfews on villages around Bethlehem. Jewish settlers fr. Aldavid settlement set fire to 50 dunams of Palestinian crops nr. Bethlehem; IDF troops observe but do not intervene. An AMB suicide bomber, retaliating for the 6/17 assassination of an AMB leader, detonates a device at a bus stop in French Hill settlement in East Jerusalem during evening rush hr., killing 7 Jewish settlers, wounding 40. In response, the IDF sends troops into Ramallah; helicopter gunships fire missiles at least 5 alleged bomb-making workshops in Gaza City, Jabaliya, Khan Yunis; begins barring Palestinians with West Bank IDs fr. entering Jerusalem; raids a hospital in Shaykh Jarrah in East Jerusalem, sends home 30 employees with West Bank IDs; reportedly rounds up 1,400 Palestinian workers inside the Green Line, sends home 800 Palestinian workers with West Bank IDs. (HP, LAW, NYT, PCHR, WP, WT 6/19; XIN 6/19 in WNC 6/21; MM 6/20, 6/24; LAW 6/26; PCHR 6/27; JPI, MEI 6/28)

PA Planning M Shaath, still in Washington meeting with U.S. officials, says that he has given the U.S. a 20-30-page draft constitution for a Palestinian state (i.e., an expanded version of the Basic Law) that reportedly envisions a government headed by a PM, with a ceremonial pres. (WP 6/20)