Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Early in the morning, IDF tanks enter Jenin town, troops clash with residents, fatally shooting 1 Palestinian (who is allowed to bleed to death over 3 hrs.), detaining wanted Hamas mbr. Rami Awad and Islamic Jihad spokesman Khalid Hawaj, bulldozing 1 home; troops withdraw to the outskirts of Jenin by midday. IDF operations continue in the Bethlehem area, where troops resume sniper positions around Church of the Nativity, patrol Manger Square, search and vandalize the al-Rowwad Cultural Center. The IDF also detains Palestinian mayor of Jerusalem Jamil Nasir for several hrs. of questioning; conducts arrest raids in Alar, Bayt Anan, Beitunia (arresting senior Hamas mbr. Hassan Yusif), Hebron, Qalqilya, Ramallah, Saida. At least 1 Palestinian gunman infiltrates Itamar settlement, fatally shoots 3 Jewish settlers before being shot dead. Other Palestinian gunmen fatally shoot a Jewish settler driving nr. Ofra settlement. Jewish settlers set fire to 10s of dunams of Palestinian land nr. Nablus. The Israeli High Court approves the IDF's confiscation of 300 dunams of Palestinian land in Bayt Lahia nr. Aley Sinai settlement, effective retroactively to 5/1/02. (HP, MEZ, WP 5/28; GS, HA, HP, LAW, NYT, WP, WT 5/29; PCHR 5/30; MEI 5/31)

Arafat ratifies the Basic Law (the PA's constitution). (HA 5/28; WT 5/30; AFP, Interfax 5/30 in WNC 5/31; NYT 5/31; WT 6/1; AYM 6/1 in WNC 6/3)

The Knesset House Comm. votes (12-5) to restrict the movement of Israeli MK Ahmad Tibi for the remainder of his term, arguing that his works promote the interests of the PA and the residents of the occupied territories. Tibi was vocally critical of Operation Defensive Shield, participated in many peace marches. (Adalah press release 5/29)