Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Before dawn, in retaliation for the 11/10 AMB kibbutz attack, the IDF sends 150 tanks, APCs into Nablus and its surrounding r.c.’s (Askar r.c., `Ayn Bayt al-Ma’ r.c., Balata r.c.), conducts house-to-house searches, occupies schools and buldings as outposts, surrounds Nablus’s Old City, fires on residential areas of adjacent Balata r.c. In another predawn attack, IDF helicopters fire missiles at the same car repair shop targetted on 11/11, destroying it, killing a 2-yr.-old Palestinian child, damaging several surrounding homes. The IDF also arrests 30 Hamas mbrs. across the West Bank, 11 of them in Nablus, some in Birzeit; fires on residential areas of Tal al-Sultan. (LAW, MM, NYT, PCHR, PR, WP, WT 11/13; MM, NYT, WT 11/14)

Israeli atty. gen. Eliyakim Rubinstein announces that the government intends to press charges against Greek Orthodox spiritual head Father Theodosis Atallah Hanna for “unauthorized contact with the enemy,” meeting with “terrorists,” inciting violence for recent travels to Lebanon, Syria to visit Greek Orthodox communities there. Father Theodosis notes that the atty. gen. has not charged rabbis who visit Jewish comunities in Iraq, Syria, or Yemen. (Father Theodosis press release 11/13)

Iraq accepts UN Res. 1441 unconditionally, opening the door for arms inspectors to return to Iraq for the 1st time since UN arms experts left in 1998 beginning on 11/18. (AP 11/13; MENA 11/13 in WNC 11/14; MM, NYT, WP, WT 11/14; MM 11/15)