Tuesday, September 17, 2002

In Nablus, 9 schools hold classes in violation of the ongoing curfew; the IDF blocks 3 other schools fr. opening. In Yatta, a nail bomb explodes in the courtyard of an elementary school while classes are in session, lightly injuring 8 Palestinian children; a 2d bomb is found, defused by the IDF; the IDF believes Jewish settlers staged the attack. In Tulkarm, a 14-yr.-old Palestinian is killed in a mysterious explosion; the IDF claims he was making a bomb. The IDF demolishes 9 Palestinian foundries in Khan Yunis allegedly used to manufacture mortars; demolishes 1 Palestinian home in Rafah; conducts arrest raids in Khan Yunis, Nablus; fires on a group of Palestinian children in Askar r.c., wounding 3 teenagers. (HA, REU 9/17; AP, JP, LAW, NYT, PCHR, PM, PR, WP, WT 9/18; AYM 9/20 in WNC 9/23)

The Quartet (the European Union [EU], Russia, UN, U.S.), reps. of Israel and the PA meet in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly opening session. The EU presents the Quartet with a draft “road map” for creation of a Palestinian state with provisional borders in 2003 and full Palestinian statehood by 6/05, the plausible target date mentioned by Bush in his 6/24/02 speech. (REU 9/17; MM, PR, WT 9/18; WJW 9/19; AYM, al-Quds 9/19 in WNC 9/20; AYM 9/20 in WNC 9/23; JT 9/24 in WNC 9/24; MEI 9/27)