Friday, January 31, 2003

IDF undercover units raid a fire station in Jenin, assassinate wanted Hamas mbr. Iyad Musa, also killing a Palestinian firefighter. IDF tanks fire 3 flechette shells at a group of Palestinian children playing soccer in a field btwn. Jabaliya and Bayt Hanun, seriously injuring 3, lightly injuring 5 children, 4 adults in nearby homes; the IDF says the children setting up goal posts were mistaken for militants preparing to launch Qassam missiles. The IDF also demolishes 2 Palestinian homes in Hebron, 2 in Rafah; conducts arrest raids in Dayr al-Balah, Hebron, Tulkarm. (HA, PM, REU 1/31; HA, NYT, WT 2/1; HA 2/2, 2/3; REU 2/4; LAW, PCHR 2/5; MEI 2/7)