Saturday, March 1, 2003

The IDF conducts arrest raids in Hebron, targeting the tanzim; finds, disables a large roadside bomb nr. Khan Yunis. In retaliation, the IDF launches a raid on Khan Yunis late in the evening, killing 2 Palestinians, wounding 39, demolishing 6 Palestinian homes; 2 IDF soldiers are also wounded. The IDF also fires on an UNRWA primary school in Khan Yunis, leaving an 11-yr.-old Palestinian clinically dead. Nr. Erez crossing, a Jewish settler deliberately hits a Palestinian man with his car, leaving him in a coma, with serious head injuries. (HA, WP, WT 3/2; NYT 3/3; PCHR 3/6; MEI 3/7; PR 3/12; LAW 3/13)