Saturday, March 22, 2003

Palestinians report that the IDF seems to have been imposing a system of “creeping curfews” over the past few days, placing 24-hr. curfews on an increasing number of areas, including Hebron, Jenin, Qalqilya, Yabad. The IDF raids a home in Dayr al-Balah, causing a Palestinian to suffer a fatal heart attack; fires on Palestinians violating the curfew in Qalqilya to buy food, injuring 2; conducts arrest raids nr. Rafah; demolishes a cement factory in Gaza City; bulldozes 15 dunams of olive groves nr. Shuhada Junction. (PM 3/22; PCHR 3/27; LAW 3/28)

U.S.-led forces in Iraq stage the largest bombing of Baghdad since the 1991 Gulf War; launch a ground assault on Nasiriyya, pushing north, meeting heavy resistance; continue efforts to secure Basra, Umm Qasr. (NYT, WP 3/23)