Wednesday, March 26, 2003

The IDF demolishes 4 Palestinian homes, bulldozes agricultural land, fires on residential areas in Rafah, injuring 2 Palestinians; conducts arrest raids in Jenin; closes a Hamas-run charity office in Bani Na‘im. (HA, PCHR 3/27; AYM 3/27 in WNC 3/28; LAW 3/28; PCHR 4/3)

With coalition troops nearing Baghdad, Iraq’s elite Republican Guard makes its 1st offensives, taking advantage of ongoing sandstorms, which make U.S. air strikes difficult, to send a column of 1,000 military vehicles s. of Baghdad toward Najaf and some 100 military vehicle southeast fr. Basra to engage U.S. and British troops outside those cities. In the evening, 1,000 U.S. paratroopers land in the mountains e. of Mosul to open a northern front. (CNN 3/26)