Monday, November 10, 2003

The IDF expels West Bank administrative detainee Idris to Gaza (see 10/14); arrests PA High Court Justice Shaykh Taysir al-Tamimi, 4 other Palestinians as they leave al-Aqsa Mosque after prayers, charges them with being in Jerusalem without permits; fires on residential areas, demolishes 23 Palestinian homes, 5 commercial properties in Rafah; fires on residential areas of Rafah, wounding 3; conducts arrest raids in Balata r.c., Nablus, Nur al-Shams r.c., villages around Ramallah. A Palestinian attempts to stab an Israeli police officer in Jerusalem but is arrested without harming him. A 15-yr.-old Palestinian dies of injuries received on 11/9. (BBC, HA, PRCS 11/10; MM, PCHR 11/11; PCHR 11/13)