Thursday, March 11, 2004

The IDF raids a high school nr. Nablus, arrests a 10th grader; raids a mosque in al-Bireh, arresting 1 Palestinian; fires on residential areas of Khan Yunis, wounding a man on his roof; conducts house searches, arrest raids in Nablus, Rafah. In implementation of a new security plan (Quarterly Update), the PA deploys large numbers of PSF officers on the streets of Gaza City. (MM 3/11; HA 3/14; PR 3/17; PCHR 3/18)

The U.S.’s Abrams, Burns, Hadley arrive in Israel for further consultations on Sharon’s disengagement plan. Meanwhile in Washington, Israeli DM Shaul Mofaz briefs U.S. VP Dick Cheney, Powell on Israel’s latest thinking regarding evacuating settlements, maintaining security control in Gaza postwithdrawal. In Cairo, Israeli FM Silvan Shalom meets with Egyptian pres. Husni Mubarak and FM Ahmad Maher, who provide assurances that Egypt would secure its border with Gaza following an Israeli pullout. (AFP, HA, JP, MM, NYT, REU 3/11; MENA 3/11 in WNC 3/13; MM, WP 3/12; MA 3/12 in WNC 3/16; PR 3/17; MEI 3/19)