Wednesday, September 1, 2004

The IDF conducts a major 1-day incursion into Khan Yunis called Operation LongDistance Vision to “destroy the terrorist infrastructure” nr. Neve Dekalim, ordering 100s of Palestinians to flee their homes and evacuate the area, firing missiles fr. helicopters (wounding at least 6 Palestinians and damaging a hospital), blowing up 2 vacant 5-story apartment buildings and 1 Palestinian home (wounding at least 10 Palestinians, rendering homeless at least 141). Citing security reasons, the IDF bars UNRWA head Peter Hansen fr. leaving Gaza through the Erez crossing; UNRWA condemns the incident as “unprecedented.” The IDF also imposes a curfew on Hebron; searches houses nr. Bethlehem, Ramallah. (MENA 9/1 in WNC 9/3; PCHR, WP 9/2; VOI 9/2 in WNC 9/4; VOP 9/5 in WNC 9/7; PR 9/8)