Saturday, February 5, 2005

The IDF fires on residential areas of Rafah. Palestinian security forces detain 3 DFLP central comm. mbrs. in connection with the 2/3 attack that wounded 2 IDF soldiers in Gaza, marking the security forces’ 1st arrest of Palestinians since Abbas took office; holds the DFLP mbrs. for 5 hrs. questioning, releases all but 1; the DFLP denounces the action, saying the PA was caving into pressure fr. Israel. Jewish settlers accompanied by IDF soldiers seize up to 1,000 d. of Palestinian agricultural land e. of Sa’ir nr. Hebron, set up tents, plant olive trees. (NYT 2/5; HA 2/6; HJ 2/8 in WNC 2/9; PCHR 2/10)