Sunday, February 27, 2005

The IDF steps up military actions in response to the 2/25 Tel Aviv bombing, placing curfews on Alar, Saida villages nr. Tulkarm; conducts overnight arrest raids, house searches nr. Tulkarm; conducts late night arrest raids, house searches in al-Bireh, nr. Tulkarm. Jewish settlers fr. Gil’ad uproot 25 olive trees belonging to Palestinians fr. nearby Jinsafut. The PA arrests 2 Palestinians in connection with the 2/25 Tel Aviv bombing. (VOP 2/27; WT 2/28; OCHA 3/2; PCHR 3/3)

The Israel on Campus Coalition, an umbrella group of some 26 Jewish organizations across the U.S., launches a free hotline for students who “feel intimidated because of their pro-Israel views.” The coalition will track complaints across the country and “offer support teams of faculty, students, and Jewish professionals for complainants who want further aid.” (WJW 2/24)