Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The IDF fatally shoots a Palestinian nr. the Gaza border; sends troops into Silat al-Harithiyya, fires on houses, then fires on stone-throwing youths who confront the troops, wounding 1; fires on a car crossing the Abu Huli checkpoint in Gaza, wounding 3 Palestinians; begins leveling a 180-d. stretch of land s. of Hebron for construction of the separation wall; bars Palestinian shepherds fr. grazing their flocks in an area immediately n. of Ma’on settlement nr. Hebron; conducts arrest raids, house searches nr. Jenin, in Silwad and Ramallah. Nr. Ramallah, 2 Palestinian boys (ages 11, 13) are injured when they accidentally detonate a piece of unexploded IDF ordnance. A Palestinian dies of injuries received in Hebron on 12/27/04. (JTA 1/25; VOP 1/25 in WNC 1/25; OCHA 1/26; PCHR 1/27; OCHA 2/2)

The IDF revives its psychological warfare unit after 5 yrs. of suspended activity, allotting 70 positions for officers, soldiers to conduct propaganda, psychological warfare, disinformation in the occupied territories. (HA 1/25; JAZ 1/26)