Saturday, July 2, 2005

The IDF directs tank fire at Palestinian militants laying a roadside bomb nr. Morag, critically wounding 1 Palestinian; fires on residential areas of Dura, Rafah; occupies 3 Palestinian homes in Hebron, 1 in Yatta as observation posts; patrols in Palestinian areas of Hebron; conducts house searches nr. Tulkarm. Some 40 armed AMB mbrs. raid, temporarily occupy a PA building in Gaza City, demanding Abbas make good on promises to recruit them into the security forces. Jewish settlers fr. Elkana attack, damage a Palestinian home in nearby Masha nr. Salfit. Jewish settlers fr. Keddumim close a nearby road used by Palestinians, stone passing Palestinian cars. (HA, IMEMC 7/2; VOP 7/2 in WNC 7/3; OCHA 7/6; PCHR 7/7)