Sunday, November 13, 2005

The IDF fires on 3 Palestinians nr. Jenin who were allegedly armed, approaching an IDF post; the 3 flee and are chased by IDF soldiers, who track down and fatally shoot 1 of the men, AMB mbr. Shuju‘a Balawi, and wound the other, finding them unarmed. The IDF also eases restrictions on West Bank Palestinian workers’ entry to Israel, issuing 8,000 entry permits, and allowing 1,700 West Bank employees of international organizations to enter Israel and Gaza; sends troops supported by helicopters into Jenin to raid a Hamas office, arresting 2 Palestinians, including a local Hamas spokesman; tightens restrictions on Palestinian movement around Jerusalem. Late in the evening, the IDF sends troops back into Jenin town and r.c., Qabatya (to patrol streets); conducts arrest raids, house searches in Tulkarm town and r.c. Palestinians fire a mortar at an IDF post at Gaza’s Qarni crossing, causing no damage or injuries; IDF artillery shells open areas of n. Gaza in response, causing no injuries. Jewish settlers fr. Kiryat Arba vandalize 2 Palestinian homes in Hebron, lightly injuring a 3-yr.-old Palestinian boy. (AFP, HA, IMEMC 11/13; HA, NYT, YA 11/14; PCHR 11/17)