Sunday, April 2, 2006

The IDF shells Gaza’s Jabaliya r.c., seriously wounding a 7-yr.-old Palestinian boy and his father harvesting vegetables in their field; sends undercover units in a car with Palestinian license plates into Qalqilya to arrest a wanted Palestinian; later sends troops into Qalqilya to arrest another Palestinian, firing on stone-throwing youths who confront them, wounding 6; conducts other arrest raids, house searches in and around Nablus, in Qalqilya (also firing on residential areas), nr. Hebron and Jenin; seriously beats a Palestinian in Hebron for no apparent reason. In retaliation for the 3/31 Abu Quka assassination, the PRCs fire 3 rockets fr. Gaza towards an IDF post at Kissufim crossing causing no damage or injuries. The IDF responds by shelling n. Gaza, targeting and hitting a truck hauling vegetables in Bayt Lahiya (apparently thinking it belonged to militants who fired the rockets), injuring 2 farmers. A Palestinian dies, a 2d is injured when heavy rain run-off obstructed by the separation wall, which effectively creates a dam nr. Bil‘in, causes flash flooding that washes the men into the razor wire cordoning off the wall, trapping them. (IMEMC, JAZ, PRC communique, XIN 4/2; VOP 4/2 in WNC 4/3; PCHR 4/6)