Tuesday, October 17, 2006

In Gaza, the IDF sends tanks, troops into Jabaliya r.c., clashing with Palestinian gunmen, killing 1 Hamas mbr., 1 Palestinian civilian; expands operations on the Rafah border, taking up positions nr. Rafah crossing, exchanging fire with Palestinian gunmen (killing 2 Palestinian militants), ordering male residents in some neighborhoods to surrender for interrogation (handcuffing and blindfolding them), reportedly finding a smugglers tunnel (the 13th it says it has found in the past 3 mos.); simultaneously sends troops into al-Shuka, conducting arrest raids, house searches. Overnight, the IDF sends troops into Qabatya, conducts arrest raids and house searches, exchanges fire with Palestinian gunmen (killing 1 Palestinian gunman, wounding 3), fires on stone-throwing youths who confront them (killing 1 Palestinian, wounding 7). Also in the West Bank, the IDF sends undercover units in vehicles with Palestinian license plates into ‘Ayn Bayt al-Ma’ r.c. nr. Nablus, opening fire on a taxi, assassinating wanted AMB mbr. ‘Adil Abu al-Rish, killing his cousin, who was not wanted; raids offices of Change and Reform PC mbrs. in Ramallah, arresting the office director; raids al-Quds University campus of religious studies in Abu Dis, arresting 2 Palestinians; makes arrest raids in Qalqilya (exchanging fire with Palestinian gunmen, killing an Islamic Jihad mbr., wounding 13 Palestinians), nr. Nablus, Tulkarm; later makes a 2d raid into Qalqilya, firing on stone-throwing Palestinians, fatally shooting a Palestinian civilian. Jewish settlers fr. Yitzhar nr. Nablus detain 2 Palestinian workers in the nearby Hawara cemetery, releasing them after the IDF intervenes. In Khan Yunis, unidentified gunmen fire on the home of a Fatah mbr., wounding him. A Fatah mbr. dies of injuries received in clashes with Hamas on 10/1. (NYT, WP, WT 10/8; OCHA 10/18; PCHR 10/19; OCHA 11/1)