Tuesday, February 13, 2007

IDF troops on the n. Gaza border shoot, wound a Palestinian farmer who strays nr. the border fence n. of Bayt Lahiya. AMB mbrs. fire an RPG at an IDF observation post on the Gaza border e. of Gaza City, causing no damage or injuries; the IDF directs heavy machine gun fire in return, killing 1 AMB mbr. The Israeli navy fires on the Gaza beach nr. Bayt Lahiya, wounding 1 Palestinian. In the West Bank, the IDF demolishes 11 bedouin homes nr. 3 Jewish settlements southwest of Jenin; bulldozes 38 d. of Palestinian olive, almond trees nr. Nablus; raids the offices of the al-Ihsan Charitable Society in Hebron, confiscating files, computer discs; conducts arrest raids, house searches nr. Hebron and in Nur al-Shams r.c. nr. Tulkarm, Tulkarm r.c. The PA fires 470 mbrs of the security forces (at least 150 fr. the Presidential Guard; the remainder fr. Force 17, Military Intelligence, the PSF) for “mutinous behavior”. Today, 10s of fired security officers stage a sit-in outside the PC offices in Gaza to demand that the PA rescind their dismissals. (Jerusalem Post 2/13; OCHA 2/14; PCHR 2/15; OCHA 2/21)