Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Overnight in Gaza, the IDF sends tanks and bulldozers supported by aircraft into Abasan, raiding and searching homes, occupying several houses as observation posts, bulldozing 23 d. of olive trees, demolishing 1 Palestinian home, clashing with local gunmen (including firing tank shells and making air strikes), leaving 1 IDF soldier, 1 Hamas mbr. dead, wounding 6 armed Palestinians and 1 bystander. In the West Bank, the IDF conducts arrest raids, house searches in and around Nablus and Tulkarm (arresting at least 1 AMB mbr. who was among the AMB mbrs. granted amnesty by Israel in 7/06; see 9/23), in Qabatya, and nr. Hebron, Ramallah. Jewish settlers fr. Karnei Shomron steal a harvest of olives fr. a Palestinian farmer nr. Qalqilya. In Gaza City, 4 mbrs. of a Palestinian clan are killed in clashes with ESF when the ESF attempts to arrest 1 family mbr. for firing on an ESF patrol earlier in the day; the ESF arrests 25 family mbrs. In Gaza City, 100 Palestinians demonstrate outside the UN Special Coordinator’s Office (UNSCO) against the continued closure of the Rafah border. (NYT, PCHR 10/18; OCHA 10/24; PCHR 10/25)