Monday, October 13, 2008

Inside Israel, riots in Acre taper off after Israeli police arrest the Israeli Palestinian whose driving on 10/8 touched off the clashes, charging him with speeding, reckless endangerment, and offending religious sensibilities; the man denies the charges, saying he only drove through a Jewish neighborhood to pick up his daughter from a class. Meanwhile, Israel imposes a general closure on the West Bank, seals Gaza’s crossings for Sukkoth. Overnight, Jewish settlers fr. Adei Ad outpost nr. Ramallah steal olives and destroy olive trees in nearby al-Mughayyir village, sparking fights with Palestinian farmers who arrive in the morning to harvest the groves; no serious injuries are reported. The new synagogue build on East Jerusalem Waqf land, inaugurated on 10/12, opens to Jewish worshipers; Israeli security forces set up checkpoints around the area to prevent Palestinians fr. reaching the site, sparking clashes between the security forces and Palestinians; no serious injuries or arrests are reported. In Hebron, PA security forces claim to find a tunnel under a home, arrest 2 Palestinians allegedly affiliated with Hamas, linking them to the 11 arrested on 10/10 for plotting against the PA. (OCHA 10/15; PCHR 10/16)