Friday, December 25, 2009

Late in the evening, IDF troops on the n. Gaza border nr. Bayt Hanun fire on a group of unarmed Palestinian laborers attempting to cross into Israel to find work, calling in a helicopter air strike 20 mins. later, killing 3 Palestinians and wounding 1. In the West Bank, the IDF fires rubbercoated steel bullets, stun grenades, tear gas at stone-throwing Palestinians and nonviolent international (and, in the case of Bil‘in, Israeli) activists taking part in protests against the separation wall in Bil‘in and Ni‘lin (10s suffer tear gas inhalation at both sites); fires stun grenades and tear gas at Palestinian and international activists taking part in a nonviolent protest against the separation wall in al-Ma‘sara, also beating several protesters (moderately injuring 2 Palestinian children, ages 10 and 13); conducts late-night house searches in al-‘Arub r.c. (occupying 1 home as an observation post) and nr. Jenin, making no arrests. The PASF in Nablus detains and interrogates some 150 Palestinians in connection with the fatal shooting of a settler on 12/24. (PCHR 12/30; OCHA 1/6)