Saturday, July 18, 2009

The IDF forces a Palestinian family to demolish their home in Sur Bahir on the outskirts of Jerusalem (displacing 9 persons), threatening them with a heavy fine if the IDF were to implement the demolition order; 4 yrs. ago, the family paid the Jerusalem municipality a $25,000 fine for the unlicensed building. The IDF also fires tear gas, stun grenades at Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists staging a nonviolent protest in Wadi Abu al-Rish against the confiscation of local Palestinian land for the expansion of Bet Ayn settlement; IDF troops violently beat 5 Israeli demonstrators, detain 9 others. (OCHA, PCHR 7/23)

Lebanese villagers in Khirbat Slim, site of a 7/14 explosion of a suspected Hizballah arms cache, stone and beat UNIFIL troops who attempt to investigate the 7/14 incident, lightly injuring 14 soldiers; the patrol fires in the air to disperse the villagers, causing no injuries, but marking the most serious confrontation btwn. UNIFIL and local Shi‘i residents loyal to Hizballah since the 2006 war. (WT 7/19)