Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In the West Bank, the IDF demolishes 3 Bedouin tents and 15 animal pens in the al-Hilwa area of the n. Jordan Valley, declaring it a closed military zone and ordering residents to leave the area; conducts synchronized late-night house searches in 3 villages s. and w. of Jenin, making no arrests; conducts late-night arrest raids, house searches in Nablus, firing a stun grenade into a Palestinian home, causing a fire that leaves significant damage. (OCHA, PCHR 6/18; OCHA, PCHR 6/25)

Israeli FM Avigdor Lieberman begins his first official visit to the U.S., holding extremely tense talks with Secy. of State Hillary Clinton and national security adviser (NSA) Gen. James Jones regarding U.S. demands for a complete settlement freeze. (Financial Times 6/18)