Sunday, October 3, 2010

In the West Bank, Israeli border police fire on a group of Palestinian laborers climbing over the separation wall nr. al-Tur village to reach their jobs in East Jerusalem, killing 1 Palestinian; the IDF conducts late-night patrols in Anabta village nr. Tulkarm without incident; conducts late-night searches of homes and a shop nr. Qalqilya, ordering 2 Palestinians to report for questioning. Jewish settlers fr. Adi Ad settlement outpost nr. Ramallah raid a nearby Palestinian olive grove and attempt to steal olives, but the IDF intervenes, forcing them to leave. An Israeli military court convicts 2 soldiers of using a 9-yr.-old Palestinian boy as a human shield during the 2008–9 Operation Cast Lead in Gaza; the soldiers are not immediately sentenced but could face jail terms. The case was not 1 of the 4 human shields cases mentioned in the UN’s 9/09 Goldstone report. (NYT 10/4; PCHR 10/7; OCHA 10/8)