Monday, March 21, 2011

In response to recent rocket and mortar strikes, Israel makes at least 10 air strikes (war planes and drones) on Hamas targets across Gaza (including a training camp, several factories, a mechanic’s garage, and a home), injuring at least 7 Palestinians (including 1 Hamas-affiliated police officer and 6 civilians, including 2 children) and collaterally damaging 10s of homes, 7 shops, and 2 cars; in at least 1 instance, Israeli intelligence officers phone a targeted house before a drone missile strike. Late in the evening, Palestinians fire 1 Qassam rocket fr. Gaza into Israel, causing no damage or injuries. In the West Bank, the IDF for a 2d time (see 3/16) storms an al-Wataniya cell phone tower nr. Jenin, searching the area but making no arrests; patrols in al-Bireh, Jericho, Qalqilya and 3 nearby villages, 3 villages nr. Salfit (summoning 1 Palestinian for questioning). Jewish settlers stab 1 Palestinian and shoot 2 others in 2 separate, nonfatal incidents nr. Hebron. Jewish settlers fr. Harsina settlement nr. Hebron stone nearby Palestinian homes and cars, lightly injuring 1 Palestinian girl. Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza hold their 7th straight day of demonstrations calling for national reconciliation. (IsRN, WP 3/22; PCHR 3/24; OCHA 4/1)