Saturday, October 1, 2011

In an apparent assassination attempt, the IDF conducts a drone missile strike on a Palestinian home in Bayt Hanun in n. Gaza, where IQB mbrs. are meeting, seriously wounding 2 IQB mbrs. and lightly injuring a bystander; Israel claims the IQB mbrs. were tied to Hamas’s rocket program. In the West Bank, the IDF conducts daytime patrols in 2 villages nr. Ramallah; conducts synchronized late-night patrols in 4 villages nr. Jenin; conducts other evening and late-night patrols in Jericho, 2 villages nr. Ramallah, and 1 nr. Qalqilya. Jewish settlers fr. Sham’a settlement nr. Hebron threaten several Palestinian shepherds and seize 150 of their sheep. Jewish settlers fr. Halamish settlement nr. Ramallah set fire to a nearby Palestinian olive grove, burning 50 trees. (PCHR 10/6; OCHA 10/7)