Sunday, May 13, 2012

The IDF conducts daytime patrols in 2 villages nr. Ramallah; conducts latenight arrest raids, house searches in Bayt Umar. Jewish settlers fr. Karmei Tzur nr. Bethlehem attack a Palestinian farmer working his land nearby, beating him and damaging his bulldozer and car; the IDF intervenes, ordering the Palestinian to leave. Jewish settlers fr. Bat Ayin nr. Hebron uproot 14 trees on a nearby plot of Palestinian land. (PCHR 5/17; OCHA 5/18)

A day after announcing the arrest of a suspect in the 5/1 shooting that resulted in the death of Jenin governor Moussa, masked PASF officers ambush, blindfold, shackle, and detain fmr. Jenin al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade (AMB) leader Zakariya Zubeidi, accusing him of involvement in the shooting. (WP 5/14)