Wednesday, October 9, 2013

In the Gaza Strip, IDF troops open fire on Palestinian fishermen nr. Bayt Lahiya, causing no damage or injuries. IDF troops also open fire on open land nr. Bayt Hanun, causing no damage or injuries. In the West Bank, the IDF shoots and wounds a student in al-Khadir village nr. Bethlehem with a rubber-coated metal bullet. Jewish settlers set fire to agricultural land nr. Nablus and then attack a school in nearby Qaryut village, causing no injuries. The IDF conducts house searches and arrest raids in Nablus and 1 village nr. Bethlehem at night; patrols 1 village nr. Bethlehem in the morning, and in Hebron and 1 nearby village at night. (MNA 10/9; PCHR 10/10)

Jerusalem municipality approves the construction of 58 housing units in Pisgat Ze’ev settlement, an announcement slammed by the PA as a further “obstacle on the road to peace.” (JP, MNA 10/9)

The Obama administration announces a freeze on military assistance to Egypt, with the aid being withheld including Apache helicopters and tank kits, as well as cash assistance to the govt. There is no precise figure given for the value of the cuts, but it is several hundred million dollars. (JP, REU 10/9)

Two IDF soldiers are hurt when 2 mortar shells fired from Syrian territory lands in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. In response, the IDF destroys a Syrian cannon, though also say that the shelling was errant rather than intentional. (ToI, YA 10/9)