Sunday, December 14, 2014

In the Gaza Strip, 1,000s of Palestinians attend a Hamas military parade through Gaza City to mark its 27th anniversary. During the festivities, Hamas demonstrates a drone aircraft’s capabilities, prompting the Israeli Air Force (IAF) to fly 2 jets over Gaza. Meanwhile, the pharmacists’ union threatens to stop paying to import medicine after the PA Ministry of Finance decides to collect 2.5% of the total costs as a payment toward the Value Added Tax, which was recently raised from 14.5% to 16%. In the West Bank, Israeli authorities declare 100s of acres of land nr. Salfit as a nature reserve. The IDF delivers demolition notices to 6 Palestinians in a village s. of Hebron; conducts house searches and arrest raids nr. Jenin, Tulkarm, and Salfit. Separately, Israeli troops arrest a Palestinian woman at Kisaout prison where she was visiting her incarcerated husband. In East Jerusalem, Israeli police and municipal officials deliver demolition notices to residences in Silwan and the Old City. Separately, Israeli security forces detain 2 Palestinians on raids in Shu‘fat r.c. and the Old City, as well as 3 Palestinian children for throwing stones at a bus. Israeli troops accompany a group of right-wing Jewish activists on a tour of Haram al-Sharif. (AP, JP, MNA, TOI, WAFA, YA 12/14; MNA 12/15; PCHR 12/18)

Joining the 70 current participants, 30 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails go on hunger strike against Israel’s use of solitary confinement, its treatment of sick prisoners, and the treatment of Nahar al-Sa‘adi, who has been in solitary confinement and on hunger strike for 1 mo. (IMEMC, WAFA 12/14)

Senior PLO and Fatah leaders meet in Ramallah to discuss possible responses to the death of a senior PA official on 12/10, including ending security coordination with Israel. After the meeting, Pres. Abbas says that reconstruction of Gaza is the PA unity govt.’s primary concern, and the PLO announces that the Palestinian draft UNSC res. will be submitted on 12/17. (JP, MNA 12/14; WAFA 12/15)

In Rome, U.S. Secy. of State Kerry meets with Russian FM Lavrov about the French and Palestinian draft UNSC res. (MNA, REU 12/14)