Thursday, February 13, 2014

In the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces shoot and kill 1 Palestinian and wound another nr. al-Zaytun e. of Gaza City, close to the border fence. Relatives say that the deceased was collecting gravel to sell, while the IDF says that those targeted were tampering with the fence. Separately, Israeli forces shoot and wound 1 Palestinian who was grazing a camel nr. Rafah, close to the border fence. In the West Bank, the IDF conducts house searches and arrest raids in Hebron and al-Bireh at night; patrols in 3 villages nr. Hebron at night. In East Jerusalem, Israeli security forces check IDs in Ras al-Amud, prompting clashes with students, causing no injuries. (MNA, REU, WAFA 2/13; PCHR 2/20)

UN-Arab League joint special envoy Brahimi meets with U.S. Under Secy. of State Wendy Sherman and Russia’s Dep. FM Gennady Gatilov in Geneva to discuss the status of the Syrian peace talks. Brahimi tells reporters that both parties affirmed their support for the efforts but also says that“failure is always staring at us in the face.” (AP, REU 2/13)