Thursday, May 21, 2015

IDF troops stationed on the Gaza border e. of Jabaliya shoot firebombs into agricultural lands nr. the border fence, causing a large fire. In the West Bank, IDF troops detain a Palestinian soccer player as the national team travels to Tunisia. The Palestinian Football Association (PFA) then lodges a complaint with international soccer’s governing body, FIFA (the Fédération Internationale de Football Association). IDF troops violently disperse dozens of Palestinians protesting outside an Israeli settlement nr. Ramallah, injuring 1 with live ammunition. The IDF patrols in a village nr. Hebron, sparking minor clashes with stone-throwing Palestinian youths; there are no serious injuries. The IDF also patrols during the day in Tulkarm, 1 village each nr. Ramallah and Qalqilya, al-Fawar r.c. and 1 village nr. Hebron, and 3 villages nr. Jericho. Israeli forces demolish 3 grocery stalls in a village nr. Jericho. In East Jerusalem, Israeli border police fire rubber-coated metal bullets and critically injure a Palestinian child outside Shu‘fat r.c. after a group of young Palestinians allegedly threw stones at the officers; Israeli forces arrest 2 Palestinians on a late-night raid in al-Qarmi. In Israel, Israeli forces demolish 12 homes in the unrecognized Negev bedouin village of al-‘Araqib. It is the 84th time since 2010 that homes in the village have been demolished. (HA, MNA, REU 5/21; EI 5/22; MNA 5/26; PCHR 5/28)