Friday, October 9, 2015

For the 1st time since the wave of violence began, Gazans gather en masse to protest the recent Israeli violence. Israeli forces open fire on more than 3,000 protesters in 5 locations along the border fence, killing 6 Palestinians and injuring 67 others (2 more Palestinians will succumb to their injuries on 10/10 and 10/16, respectively). Late at night, unidentified Palestinians fire 3 rockets toward Israel. After the rocket fire and the morning’s deadly clashes, the IDF deploys Iron Dome missile defense batteries nr. Beersheba and Ofakim. (HA, MNA, TOI, YA 10/9; HA, MNA 10/10; PCHR 10/15)

Stabbing incidents continue in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Israel, with 3 such incidents throughout the day. First, Israeli forces shoot a Palestinian after he stabs an Israeli border police officer outside the Kiryat Arba settlement nr. Hebron (the Palestinian attacker will succumb to his injuries later in the day). After the attack, Israeli settlers assault Palestinians and their property across Hebron and Nablus, including several journalists. In c. Jerusalem, a Palestinian stabs and lightly injures an Israeli youth with a vegetable peeler, then Israeli police arrest him. In Israel, an Israeli youth stabs and injures 4 Palestinians, including 1 bedouin employee of the municipal govt., in Dimona. Relatedly, Israeli forces shoot and injure a Palestinian woman claiming that she stabbed an Israeli security guard in Afula. (After a video of the incident is released, the Israeli Justice Ministry will find [10/28] that she had no intention of attacking Israelis.) After the incident in Afula, Palestinian youths protest throughout the surrounding areas, throwing stones at Israeli police. Similarly, a private security officer shoots and injures a Palestinian at a settlement outpost, then the IDF detains the Palestinian when they find a knife and gun on his person. (EI, HA, JP, MNA, NYT, YA 10/9; PCHR 10/14; MNA 10/28)

Meanwhile, IDF troops clash with and violently disperse hundreds of Palestinians throwing stones and protesting throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem, killing 1 Palestinian and injuring hundreds more. Palestinians throw stones at Israeli vehicles nr. Ramallah, lightly injuring 5 Israelis. The IDF also conducts raids and patrols in the Hebron area and East Jerusalem, arresting 11 Palestinians including 1 journalist. Meanwhile, the Israeli authorities bar Palestinian men under 45 from Haram al-Sharif today and close all but 5 entrances to the sanctuary in an effort to deter clashes at the site amid rising tensions in the oPt. (EI, HA, JP, MNA, NYT, TOI, YA 10/9; HA, JP, MNA, WAFA, YA 10/10; PCHR 10/14; MNA 10/16; MNA 10/28)