Wednesday, January 20, 2016

For a 2d day in a row, IDF troops stationed along Gaza’s border shoot and injure a Palestinian e. of Gaza City. Israeli forces conduct a limited incursion across the border fence to level land nr. Khan Yunis. In the West Bank, IDF troops arrest a Palestinian at a junction nr. Hebron after he is found to be carrying a knife. IDF troops conduct a raid in a village nr. Nablus late at night, arresting 1 Palestinian and sparking clashes with stonethrowers in which 2 Palestinians are injured. They conduct further late-night raids and house searches in Jalazun r.c. and 5 villages nr. Ramallah, as well as s. of Hebron, arresting 8 Palestinians, including an activist with the leftwing Israeli NGO B’Tselem. Israeli forces demolish a home and a cement wall in a village nr. Hebron. Palestinian workers are barred from entering Israeli settlements for the 2d and final day, pursuant to the IDF’s 1/18 decision. (MNA, MDW, TOI, WAFA 1/20; PCHR 1/21; HA 1/22; PHCR 1/28)