Thursday, March 10, 2016

In the West Bank, IDF troops raid a Palestinian media company’s offices in Ramallah late at night, confiscating property and ordering the company to shut down. They also conduct raids and house searches nr. Ramallah and Qalqilya, arresting 5 Palestinians, including 3 journalists, and issuing arrest summons to 1; patrol in 5 villages nr. Hebron. Along Gaza’s border, Egyptian authorities flood a smuggling tunnel nr. Rafah, causing 7 Palestinian workers to go missing; most are quickly recovered, but the bodies of 2 Palestinians will be found in the tunnel on 3/12. In East Jerusalem, Israeli forces raid the Issawiyya home and workplace of the Palestinian killed on 3/8 after allegedly shooting and injuring 2 Israeli police officers; they issue an arrest summons to his father and interrogate his mother. In Israel, Israeli forces conduct raids across the country, arresting over 250 Palestinians who are in Israel illegally, and 27 Israelis suspected of helping them enter without permits. (HA, MNA 3/10; HA, MNA, YA 3/11; PCHR 3/17)

Following up on PM Netanyahu’s 3/9 announcement, Israel’s security cabinet approves a proposal to resume construction of the separation wall in Jerusalem and the s. Hebron Hills. Work on the wall has been largely suspended since 2007. (JP, MNA, TOI 3/10; HA, TOI, YA 3/11)