Sunday, April 16, 2017

Gaza’s sole power plant runs out of fuel for the 2d time this year, plunging the region into a renewed power cut crisis. As a result, GEDCO will only be able to distribute 133 MW of power per day, far less than the 450–500 needed. (AFP, TOI 4/16)

Along Gaza’s border, Israeli forces conduct a limited incursion to level land nr. al-Bureij r.c. In the West Bank, IDF troops arrest 1 Palestinian during late-night raids nr. Hebron; and patrol during the day nr. Hebron and Qalqilya. In East Jerusalem, the Israeli authorities ban 12 Palestinians from entering Haram al-Sharif for 80 days (they have now banned more than 50 Palestinians from the sanctuary in recent weeks). Meanwhile, 517 Jewish settlers tour the sanctuary; 3 are arrested for praying. Israeli forces arrest 1 Palestinian during a raid in Qutna. (MNA, WAFA 4/16; PCHR 4/20)